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What Makes Us Different

Our Overhead Station Team makes us different! We love what we do and it shows…


Originally from the Atlanta, GA area, Tami spent her junior high school years in Rock Hill, SC where she met the guy in the photo below. They fell in love and promised never to be apart…until Tami’s family moved away the following year.
Several decades later, Tami got a Facebook message from “the guy in the photo below” and, well…the rest is history. Needless to say Tami is back in Rock Hill now and lovin’ every minute of life in a 100 year old historic house with Terry and the The World Famous Bunny Dog.


Terry is a native of Rock Hill, SC. He and Tami (and Bunny) live in a 100-year-old home in Rock Hill’s Historic District. The home is Terry’s original family home and is just a short distance away from Overhead Station. Under Tami’s guidance, Terry provides the technical know-how to put our customers’ visions for their special events onto invitations for them. Terry is also a photographer, videographer, and has owned a commercial printing company, so he’s the “Jack-of-All-Trades” at Overhead Station. Most of the visuals you’ll see here on our website and on our social media sites came from him. Hey…it ain’t braggin’ if a man can do it, now is it!


(Photo courtesy of Mike Baker)

The World Famous Bunny Dog, or simply “Bunny” to her close friends, is the Overhead Station Spokesdog and a Personal Shopper for our regular clients. Bunny is the first one in the car each morning when the OHS Team leaves for work and she oversees all day-to-day operations in the store. In the summer, she will often pick a cool spot on our vintage tile floors and pretend to nap…while in reality keeping a sharp eye (and nose) on everything happening, just in case her guidance is needed.

Our Story

A little insight on how we came to be…

Overhead Station began in 1977 when Betsy Rock, the original owner, decided to open Rock Hill’s first gift shop. The original location was on Oakland Avenue adjacent to what was then called “the overhead bridge” and was housed in an old a gas station. Hence the name Overhead Station. The “S” in the logo is actually the gas hose coming from the pump! In the late ’90s the business relocated to 212 East Main St. in Historic Downtown Rock Hill, where you can still find it today. Just goes to show what one determined lady with a dream can do!
In April of 2017, Betsy decided she was finally ready to retire and pass the business on to someone who would maintain the same philosophy and energy she had created. Tami and Terry Windell were the ones she picked. It was pretty much divine intervention for all parties. Tami and Terry are committed to continuing the same level of customer care, attention to detail, and just plain old Southern charm and friendliness that Overhead Station has become known and frankly famous for.
Overhead Station has been in continuous operation since 1977, which means we are now in our 43rd year of providing unique, unusual, and hard to find gifts and also creating our in-house custom invitations for any occasion. If you’re in the area, pay us a visit and see for yourself what makes Overhead Station so special. Besides…we’d love to meet you!
You may also want to watch our video about the History of Overhead Station.
It’s an insight into how this amazing store came into being and how Tami and Terry Windell came to be the keepers of the Overhead Station tradition

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