Overhead Station

Overhead Station

Unique Gifts and In-House Custom Invitations

What a Ride!


Well here we are entering our sixth month as the new owners of Overhead Station. What an incredible journey it has been so far! We have been blessed by visits and support of so many friends of ours and those Betsy Rock has introduced us to.

I guess the number one question we get asked by most people is, “Are you going to make any changes”? We can easily say No….and Yes! Terry and I knew early on that there was no sense at all in making any changes to the way Betsy and Hugh have run this business. It’s been successful for forty years so why change a good thing, right? But we also recognize there are trends in people’s buying habits that make them shop differently than they did in the 1970’s when the store first opened.

Our customers are looking for unique items that can’t be found at a big box store. They want personalized service and personalized items. They’re looking for green, recycled, and highly functional pieces that can go on an elegant table setting or outside on the deck. They love whimsical and fun items. They love color and neutrality in the same space. They are not afraid of being multicultural. One customer I was assisting said, “I want it to go together but not necessarily match.” Makes perfect sense to us!

Our goal for the store is to have it 80% supplied by vendors that are women owned companies, give back to their community, and are from this state or region. We have soy candles from Charlotte, NC, gourmet popcorn from Greensboro, NC, apple butter from Spartanburg, SC, pottery from Athens, GA, and original high-end art from right here in Rock Hill, SC! We work with a jewelry maker who employs women who have escaped from human trafficking rings. One of our greeting card makers is a breast cancer survivor and a mentor to other women. And our favorite men’s soap maker is a veteran “non-active-duty” U.S. Marine (yes, he’s a guy, but he’s so cool – and all of his profits go to help his son’s soccer team). Bottom line: we do business with companies who are passionate, concerned, and REAL. Just like we are.

A wise man once said, “Find a job you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life”. Here at Overhead Station we love what we do! I love the ability to walk to work with our dog Bunny every day. I love sitting with customers and just doing girl talk. I love seeing Terry’s creativity come out as he designs and perfects stationery and invitations. I love being a part of the Downtown Rock Hill scene…yes, we have a ‘Downtown scene’ here in Rock Hill now! And you KNOW I love being able to walk to the yoga studio, my church, and Amélie’s French Bakery & Café! That’s why we use the hashtags #designthelifeyoulove, #onlyinoldtown, and #loveyourlife, along with #overheadstation in our Instagram posts. Join us on social media and come by for a visit. In the vernacular of our area…”Y’all don’t be strangers now, ya hear!”

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