Overhead Station

Overhead Station

Unique Gifts and In-House Custom Invitations


There are a lot of truisms in my world. It’s true that time does go by faster the older you get. It’s true that time is the most valuable thing man can spend. And my vendors would lead me to believe it’s true that Christmas is right around the corner! But the truest statement of all is that Terry and I just celebrated owning Overhead Station for one full year and we can not imagine doing anything else. Yes, husbands and wives can work for and with each other without any serious injuries.

This year has been so overwhelming, so full of joy and fun, and with a little bit of challenge thrown in just to keep us on our toes. We created ArtSpace@OverheadStation and we’ve held three super-fun Hi and Bye-Buy parties in conjunction with it. We’ve also been a host location for Art Party 2017 to help promote art in our area. We are now the exclusive retailer for ChristmasVille merchandise, we attended A Wedding Fair to Remember at the Women’s Club of Rock Hill, and we became the Downtown pick-up point for Catawba Fresh Market – an “online” farmers market. We have brought in new items like Caspari paper goods, a full line of Rothschild dips and sauces, expanded our food selections to chocolate and cheese crisps, became a purveyor of essential oils, and boy can we rock a customized invitation now!

Terry and I stood at the cash register one evening recently for a quick year-in-review at our business. We scanned the store and decided there were only two items we brought in that weren’t good decisions – luckily, they also weren’t high ticket items! We wish we had more space for larger gatherings, demonstrations, and for just plain displaying more stuff. But that’s about it. Otherwise we are delighted for the opportunity to own a business in Historic Downtown Rock Hill, SC where we can take our dog Bunny to work with us, walk to work if we want (Bunny usually wants), see friends daily, participate in city events, and lay our heads down at night knowing that we gave it all we could. Terry uses his creativity in videography and photography to market and promote our business. And me…? Well, I basically shop all day! No…for real! Its serious work. Hunting down fun, useful, trending items to share with you. That takes lots of skill and finesse. (Bwahahahaha!!!)

What woman wouldn’t love this life!?!

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